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Lesbian Heart | Challenge


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2 women… and more than 100 erotic challenges!

After the success of the Gayrotic Heart for men, this Lesbian heart is a logical sequel in the Heart’s series. Composed by and for lesbian women it makes for a titillating gift. Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with something out of the ordinary or are you looking for a special gift for a befriended couple? This heart is sure to put a big smile on their face.

The Lesbian Heart is a loving and exciting game, intended for lesbian and bisexual women. It will create a sensual erotic atmosphere in a playful way. The heart ‘plays’ with all your senses and will bring many special feelings to the surface. Hilarious fun, tender loving and also true lust.

More then 100 erotic challenges printed on stacked paper scrolls are positioned in the heart. Using the enclosed tweezers you take turns picking a scroll from the heart. What will happen to you? Do you have to tell your friend an erotic fantasy? Will she treat you to a seductive striptease? Allow yourself to be surprised with a game that will give bold, special twists to many exciting nights to come!


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