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Labiu Teardrop | Clitoral Clips




With the Labiu Clit Clips, you too can enjoy exquisite intimate jewellery without the need for clitoral hood piercings or vaginal microdermals.

The Labiu Silver Teardrop Clit Clips come in a pair, providing excellent value for money. From the dazzling French intimate accessories range, Diogol, these clit clips give you added sensation and beauty to your most prized area.

These clit clips fasten with secure, comfortable and strong magnets. Just place one to either side of your clitoral area and enjoy having the freedom to wear intimate jewellery whenever you wish, for as long as you wish.

Exerting constant pressure on your clitoris during use, you will experience heightened libido which makes the Labiu Clit Clips exciting to wear beneath your clothes and throughout foreplay, as well as during sexual intercourse itself.

Each Labiu Clit Clip measures 35mm in length and is adorned with a genuine, teardrop shaped Swarovski crystal to make your sexual sessions sparkle. The delicate gold chain holding the dangling crystal only serves to highlight your feminine allure, making these clit clips the perfect accessory for the discerning boudoir femme.

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