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Bendy Beads | Anal Toy


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Anal stimulation complements other sexual activities, and it’s always nice to have quality anal beads available to use while you masturbate, dive into foreplay, or have sex. This type of secondary stimulation can improve orgasms for both women and men, so the challenge is finding the perfect anal beads that can be used for in-and-out action or hands-free stimulation.

Bendybeads perform much better than the plastic and jelly anal beads that many people have tried. Made of the highest quality silicone material that is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free, these anal beads are flexible and durable, while still being firm in the right places. Segmented with a wave-like texture that covers each bead, the Bendybeads gradually increase in width to allow for comfortable insertion and a tight fit. The tip is the narrowest portion of the shaft, followed by medium-sized beads, and finally even larger beads.

A fancy grip handle extends from the largest bead in the segment, and this handle is designed for ultimate control and greater comfort – a significant improvement to the ringed cords that slip off one’s finger. Use the handle to determine insertable depth for each bead and segment. With this new innovative anal bead design you will experience quality penetration, controlled movement, and an array of internal sensations – comfortably and safely!

  • Pleasurably stimulating chain of balls
  • Thrilling insertion, extremely arousing withdrawal
  • Very flexible and elastic material
  • Extremely hygienic and easy to clean

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